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Nov 26, 2018

Family First Life USA VP, Andrew Taylor & Family First Life USA Sliver Producer, Brittany Hall #39

Family First Life USA Sliver Producer (Over $15,000.00 IP Monthly), Brittany Hall will be interviewed in her 2nd appearance on TrueTalk by FFL's fastest rising Vice President FFL USA's Andrew Taylor

They will covered what positive traits to look for in agents

...the importance of goal setting

... and the power of delivering good news to new producers when starting

This week Andrew & Brittany share their stories of success and give you REAL SALES tips you can use TODAY!

TRUETALK!!! EVERY WEEK giving you 20 Minutes of the VERY BEST in INFOTAINMENT!

MORE Entertainment...

MORE Stories...

MORE Relatable Info for today's salesperson...

Giving you insight on the men & women and what's behind their success. #winwithffl #ffltruetalk #mondaymotivation